Wednesday, May 16

First Glance

Too orange??
Click here for larger image.

This is what i get so far using the poor Office Frontpage 2003 to design a spanking new, the very first portfolio webpage of my own. The layout basically was inspired by the old Dwell magazine on my bookshelf so there's nothing original about it. With some rough knowledge about java & css i learned online, I would rather say I've done a decent job. I haven't put it online 'cause there're lots of details I have to handle with. In case you know some great resources I could catch up some fresh ideas from, please leave a comment, I would really appreciate it, thanks.

Monday, May 14

Tools l Compare Screen Type in No Time

Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen.

Webdesign for an amateur like me is such a pain that I'm always desperate to find the right tools to make my life easier, thankfully, Typetester fits the bill perfectly for those insensitive guys about which fonts are the perfect ones for their website. The GUI is quite self-explanatory: you choose the typeface, the size, dignment & color then compare your choices instantly, and better yet, the css can be grabbed with just a click. Remember to set your bast font size in the first place though, and the javascript must be enabled to make it work.

Wednesday, May 9

Topics l Most Influential Artist

This is a very hot and interesting topic on, some say Duchamp, Jens Karlsson, Van Gogh, others go for Charles Bukowski, Chuch Jones and Dali. One of my favorite comment is by redwing, he asked "has anyone been influenced by mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters,aunts,uncles,grandparents?" If you haven't heard of most of named mentioned there (well, I haven't), wiki all of them.

Most Influential Artist | Annotated

Tuesday, May 8

What A Photo of A Pot Looks Like?

Do you know what a photo of a pot with a bunch of lovely flowers on the top of it, printed on a 6.7"x10" glossy & shinning paper, looks like to the photographer himself?? well, it looks like 11,246.49 US DOLLARS. Seeing is believing, no kidding! I take it as a valuable lifetime lesson, what else could I say.