Wednesday, December 27

Poetry l The Rain No.050614

The Rain has been falling all day long,
Since Thursday or Monday... I don't know.
In the company of Wind, He sways all over the places,
Happily distresses everything He has met.
That is what I can no longer stand
So I yell to the disturbing expanse
Through my window "knock it off!"
The cool water is all what befalls
My feverish cheeks, from which
my sadness suddenly all vanishes.
I tell myself, "This is how I'm treated."
Quietly I leave the window as it is
To take in the freshness that Rain
Bestows the places He passes by chance.

My little step...

Well well well... opening a new blog, nothing big in those days. I have been hesitating about doing it for a while, not that I didn't have one before, but to be honest, blogging is quite a fantastic way of sharing our mutual thoughts, experience, resources and interests, so here I am, back to the game, AGAIN! I believe there are lots of online journal service similar to blogger of google, but I just got stuck in google for too long since it is always coming up with real amazing tools which I cannot help but live without. The basic contents in this blog will be some occasional diary, my digital art, discussion or critique of some poems I love or of my own, funny articles on the internet, handy & useful stuff I suppose everyone would be interested, or occasional GIMP tutorials (if i need some time to kill, i would work on these) etc. Thanks to the brilliant invention of TAGS, we all can locate our favorite topics in no time. Anyway, I'm no in the rush of adding stuff right now, but you will see. And happy post-Christmas. :]