Monday, August 31

Freebie: Cover Art for Your Cd Art Display

About 2 years ago I have done a similar project, and it Actually looks like this:

Since my music takes more and more space in my hard drive (somehow it seems my taste hasn't shifted that much), I decided to make another set of cd art no matter what, for everyone (good for you!!) and myself! Well, my very first design goes like this:

Awful?! not really, especially when adding few colors and the right font, but I kind of abandoned this design, and came out with something I really Really like and am proud of, so allow me to introduce the whole set with the nice default Cd Art Display skin:

Basically, the concept originated from an old avatar of mine - made of cars and vibrant hues - only this time I limited the colors and played with shape, proportion, and position. Each one was sort of designed based on my intuition when listening to the corresponding genre; take Soft Rock, which I really respond to, it's always a bit too sentimental, too artificial and too sweet, and that's why the design shows just a bit of the front side of the car to minimize the effect of "Too."

Anyway, I really enjoy myself when doing this project, if ever you need something else from the Rock genre (you can visit to see all the classifications), hit me a note. I'm planing to make some more 'cause how can one live without Jazz or Electronica?! All I need is the right color plus the perfect typography, you know. :P

And where is my awesome cover art collection?! Just click here to download the whole set, including:
  • Lo-fi
  • Pop Underground
  • Britpop
  • Punk Pop
  • Dream Pop
  • Ska Punk
  • Chamber Pop
  • Ambient Pop
  • Indie Pop
  • Shibuya-Kei
  • pop Rock
  • Adult Alt. pop.Rock
  • Power Pop
  • Acid Jazz
  • Folk-Rock
  • Brill Building Pop
  • House
  • Singer/Songwriter and
  • Soft Rock

A clip I made for this project:

1) font for this project: Oil Crisis A, Regular by Ray Larabie
and Diavlo

2) You can put all the images in C:\Program Files\CD Art Display\Covers or put them one by one in the folder with identical name. If you need some help, just leave me a comment or hit me an email ian[at] :P