Saturday, January 20

I'm One of the One Million Masterpieces

Today when I checked my mail, i found something quite delightful and surprising, i.e., my work for One Million Masterpiece project has been chosen for the 2007 official calendar! The mail reads as follows:

Just a quick email to let you know that your image for the One Million Masterpiece project has been selected for the Official 2007 Calendar.

Your image will appear on the August page, along with your name and image number. Hundreds of the calendars have already been pre-sold, and so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are officially an internationally published artist!

Your artwork will be credited with your name and image number, and will be displayed using the format:

Ian Y 506440

To read more about the calendars, or to order your own copy, please click on the link below:

Scans of each calendar page will shortly be available on the NewsBlog, so that you can see where your image will appear.

Congratulations, and thank you for your contribution to the project so far!


It's been included in the People Power for August. Not so sure if i'm gonna get a copy, but it is something nice to hear about though. Cheers!

Tuesday, January 16

Poetry l The Rain-drops Have Ceased

So the rain-drops have ceased...
A matter of time as I knew it.
A few of them still cling to the glasses
Of my bedroom's window, that is
How they always do, to warm themselves,
To make believe they're shining brighter than ever
Than the street light (to whom they owe the debt).

I try to open my eyes a bit longer
I beg them to be my guest, to make a brief stay
'Cause my beloved stars are no where to be found.
But one by one, they either disappear or slip away
As if I am bound to be a lonely one.

At last I say to them, "farewell, my new friends,
By tomorrow you'll be back to where you came."

it's an old work I composed about 2 years ago, when there're thunder storm all the time in summer afternoon, or a typhoon could linger for a day that makes it look like doomsday.

Energetic Baby No.14

Energetic Baby No.14
Energetic Baby No.14,
originally uploaded by mitrm_da.
The biggest advantage as a self-taught artist is that I can try to develop my own lines, following my own principles without theories (have you any idea of the theories about ART!!!) & boundaries, but the limitations are sometimes, unfortunately, being classified as ignorance & dullness or the lack of modernism or insight. I have purchased a couple of copies of Computer Arts (a mag published in UK) and the thoughts i got after reading them are like... MY WORKS SUCK!! (sorry for the improper word) Nevertheless, I will take Borges's advice anyway, of shaking off the big bag of the burden of HISTORY & trying NOT to be a forward contemporary artist 'cause I already am (am dull and ignorant ;))!!! Even though i feel like i'm gonna be one of those artists who never sold a single piece of their works in their life time.

I Want You to Be Featured As Bi-monthly Artist!!!

Hello, ladies & gentlemen & boyz & girls, this post is all about you and all for you!!! =D For the sake of promotion and variety of contents, I decided to have this bi-montly featured artist on the top of my page that I hope will draw some visitors' attention when they drop by, who could have a clearer idea about you through an brief intro & the exhibition of some of your best works. For now, I would like to start with my watchers on deviantART, where I have recieve about 5 applications so far (geez, those guys are desperate! ;)) and maybe in the future I will consider the applications from those photographers or artists I met at flickr. I do hope by this generous offer, you could have more fans who get to know you and about your works, make your papa proud, have this feature as part of your resume, or meet your future mate out of no where. (dream on!!!) :O)

About the post itself, it will contain a nice-looking collage I make for you (if you would like to design a collage yourself, that'll be great), which display probably 3 to 6 of your best chosen by you, a brief introduction made by you about your works and yourself, and finally the critique from me. For more info, check out my journal at DA.

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Saturday, January 6

Something odd has happened to me..

Shadow of Glass No.24
Shadow of Glass No.24,
originally uploaded by mitrm_da.
And that is a work i published elsewhere barely attracted any attention but suddenly I have won 3 trophies given by the members of the same group, i.e., MY WINNERS! on flickr. I guess it is sort of cool (if this is the right word) that for some this is appealing but something more than an Oscar or a star of fave is even better in my book, like a decent critique, or at least the sign of the willingness to share some mutual thoughts. It doesn't mean anything to me if everyone is mimicking others by saying "I love it" - that is the custom when we speak of Shakespeare or Mozart. I don't need people to sweet-talk to me so I would feel encouraged or aspired to carry on something towards which I always got the limitless passion.

Tuesday, January 2

Add a Jump to Top Link for your blog

See that [Back to Top] link at the bottem right?! (if not, your browser probably has blocked the script) You can have this lovely link for your blog as well, check out this link for more detail (BTW, you may need some webspace for the java script).

Note: clickin' on the Home button on your keyboard is quite the same! ^_^

The Saddest Puppy In IKEA

Yesterday afternoon I went to the new opening IKEA in Kaohsiung, which is quite attractive for so many locals that I'm afraid that it has become one of the hottest sightseeing spots in no time since November 1st, 2006. Anyway, you know the businessmen do lots of tricks, like all the professional & smartest magicians, to draw a few bucks from your pockets (I'm one of the victims: I bought an alarm clock there yesterday but didn't get a free cup of coffee 'cause I get nervous waiting in line, so guilty as charged!), but in the case I ran into, it's just too sad that I have to post my own comment here.

Every Wednesday they have some items for sale, you know, like toys & candles & whatever ain't selling at all, and they have to make a giant poster of those stuff to boast the illusion of CHEAPNESS (I knew that 'cause i was an ex-employee a few years ago) they are so proud of. A particular picture drew my attention when I passed by, it's a poster of an oil-painted, white little puppy, sitting in front of the maroon background. The original price for that is about NT$259 (about US$8), but on the next Wednesday? it "costs" you only NT$9. I forgot the artist's name, and I hope he won't have the chance of reading my post in his life time.

Monday, January 1

Blog Your Photo from Flickr

Shadow of Glass No.25
Shadow of Glass No.25,
originally uploaded by mitrm_da.
What a lovely & handy service i just found today (BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR!) in flickr: I could actually send my works to this blog with just a few clicks (you are right about the pic at the right!). Read on if you would like to try it out yourself.
  1. In your flickr photos page, click on You/Your Account.
  2. See the link of Your Blog?? Just follow through the simple process to add your webblog for your flickr account.
  3. After you have successfully added your blog, you might like to change the layout that suits you best in Your Blog.
  4. Ready to send your fantastic photo to your blog? Just pick one of your work, now below the title you are supposed to see Blog this b/w Add to sets & All sizes, click on it and add some text then send it. You are done, pal, what a piece of cake, right!
One last thing, in Your Account page, you have the option of Allowing Blogging, if you need more privacy, you may let your contacts have the privilege.