Monday, September 20

A lasting temporary work

So lucky that I found a really clean, cool, nice-looking badge on the webite

So I decided to make some twists and created a folder image for my random music:

temporary image, created by Ian Yang, 2010.

Not quite an original design but good enough for me! Just right-click on the image and save it in your music folder. That's it!!

Tuesday, June 29

Time for a bit of Makeover

Totally loving the clean and refreshing template that google blogger offers! ;)

Today I got email - an invitation actually - from a stranger (we all do on daily basis...) saying that he was impressed with the works he saw on my flickr homepage, and that Glossom is not the usual portfolio manager or images gallery manager. Without the hussle and bussle such as deviantArt, this new (I guess) platform looks simple, friendly and yet professional for artists/designers/photographers who are eager to explore every single territory they can find to establish their name and fame. I will give it a shot, and why don't you come along as well?! ;)

note: my website is currently closed down and probably will stay that way for quite a long time.