Sunday, April 29

Some Good News from ArtistRising/Sistino

Finally artistrising/sistino started working on something they should have done as hard as they could long long time ago -- PROMOTION! The following are summary from the latest newsletter I got:
Free Shipping Promotion on Sistino and Artist Rising
We’re always looking for ways to help you sell more artwork, so from now through July 31, we’re sweetening the deal for shoppers by offering free ground shipping for orders from Sistino and from your Artist Rising gallery.

Visit Sistino or Artist Rising and click on the “Free Shipping” badge on the top right corner for all the details. Pass the word on to your friends, family, buyers and collectors!

Visit Sistino or Artist Rising and click on the “Free Shipping” badge on the top right corner for all the details. Pass the word on to your friends, family, buyers and collectors!

Show More, Sell More on Sistino: Artwork Listings Increase
It’s true – if you show more, you’ll sell more. So to help that along, we’re increasing your Sistino image listings allowance for all accounts. Here’s the deal:


Open Studio 3 images 10 images

Select Studio 15 images 50 images

Premium Studio 40 images 200 images
A New Look for Sistino Sistino got a facelift!
In addition to its crisp, contemporary redesign, Sistino has added some cool features to make it easier than ever to discover new artworks and artists, including:
  • Featured Artist – A spotlight feature on some of our most popular artists on Sistino
  • A Recently Added feature on the front page, promoting the latest additions to the Sistino marketplace
  • Staff Picks – See what caught our eye and what we’d love to buy
  • Popular categories featured front and center, including:
  • Tag clouds – Shows off the most popular search terms to help buyers discover new artists and artworks
Now with some new add-ons provided by artistrising, you might take it a as a good opportunity to help selling your artwork a bit. Happy selling! :]

Friday, April 27

Poetry: A Couple

Of course I have totally forgot why I wrote this, but i do remember my initial thought was to compose a dialogue between a couple, whose story should be told in a poetic and picturesque way, so I split the poem in 2 parts to present the relationship that is united but diverging as well. I published this one on Deviantart already, but since i am slowly cutting myself away from there, I thought it would be nice to have some old works here as some sort of document/journal. This not only has quite an unique style that differs from my other writing but it's the first time i let someone "die" in my imaginary works; thankfully there actually is one guy who appreciated this, you can read his comment at the end of this post.

Today I came to see her again,
Knowing that she is standing still on the bank
Alone, facing toward the sea
A habit she gets used to eventually
Day by day and day after day.
They told me her beloved is what she expected
But never knew it was me
Who brought her here every single day.
She never changes her facial expression
As a doll bears no human emotions.
But today I witnessed a miracle
Vividly upon her face -- a smile.

And then she jumped into the sea…
A letter they found later goes like this:

"Everyday I come here for you alone
Knowing not if you’ll be home safe and sound.
The waves never cease beating
As my stubbornness the wind never stops mocking
Day by day and day after day.
I’ve known in the shade you always hid
But would never come back to me
Who brought you here every single day.
Why am I fooled by your indecision
As my heart is all ready to take its action?
My faith, as a pebble, I throw away
And my name -- I leave it on the sand."

Quite a moving piece, if ambiguous. The line "knowing you'll be home safe and sound" suggests to me the man is at war, and the woman is waiting. When he returns she finds he is different to the man who left her those years ago. Whether infidelity is a part of it or not I'm not sure, but if she jumps into the sea (a very dramatic gesture by anyone's standards) it might well have played a part. Otherwise she just realised how wasted and misplaced her affections had been. That's my interpretation anyway. Good job. -- by ~Faulky

Wednesday, April 25

An accident

Today as we were crossing the intersection, i ran into an accident and almost got my dog and myself both killed by a guy who didn't show a bit of decency by stopping his motorbike to check us out. Anyway, my right hand got injured and I have to stop doing my regular artwork for a while. This is not a first, and luckily i survive everytime.

Saturday, April 21

Photo of the Day l the day i was superman by Matthew Clark Photography

This is a very classic example of how to make an impressive photograph (in my own standard): having a nice title plus a great perspective.

Mr. Clark, who once was a superman of the day, has endless surprises waiting for you in his gallery, so go say hellos and pay a compliment.
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Friday, April 20

Photo of the Day l TheBench_06 by Ronan_tlv

TheBench_06 by Ronan_tlv (aka Ra'anan Niss, from Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Rehearsals at the 'Fresco Dance Group' studio.

I look around my flickr fave list and find this, which capture my full attention everytime i see it. The beauty of it is rather self-explanatory, though i simply can't understand why i'm the only one who gave it a fave.

News l Sell your Flickr Photos at Imagekind

This is something I read on the Imagekind newsletter this morning:

Imagekind is happy to announce our new partnership with Flickr. From now on you will be able to sell or print your favorite Flickr pictures at Imagekind. Our latest move is consistent with our drive to improve the reach and draw of our artists and customers. We are thrilled with our latest step... and we hope you will be too!

Flickr artists will automatically be able to create and/or sell up to 24 images of their work via Imagekind. This is great news not only for Flickr members but also for Imagekind artists. By driving more traffic to our site and increasing brand awareness the new partnership is sure to benefit all Imagekind artists.

Well, the competition is on its way as fast as it can be, and everyone can start sharing their works through IK's print-on-demand program. I have a couple of names of my flickr contacts in my mind now who easily drive traffic like crazy. You can click this LINK for more info. Happy selling! :)

Thursday, April 19

Photo of the Day l Complaint by *MSM*

Originally uploaded by *MSM*.
What do i do with the "BLOG THIS" on flickr, a webblog of my own, and a truly impressive work, well, I just blog the pic to my blog as Photo Of the Day. LOL This pic came from a flickr contact of mine, Massimiliano Peana (aka *MSM*) , who recently published a great series of photos that amazingly put colors, compositions, and storytelling together.

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Wednesday, April 11

Review l

Since imagekind had a makeover a couple of days ago, i think it would be nice to share my 2 cents about this semi-cheerful event. The following is from IK blog:

Some Key New Admin Features

  • Reports page allows you to quickly see your most recent views, comments, and sales
  • Internal message system allows you to easily communicate with other artists and customers
  • Clean interface makes administration of your account a better user experience
  • You can choose the image to represent your gallery, and change it at will
  • Galleries now appear to the public in order of most recently updated
  • Conveniently located tips and related content for each page on the sidebar

New Limits to HTML Code in Profiles and Descriptions

We’re adding some security precautions to the site. We will be limiting some of the HTML code that we allow in the member profile and descriptions. The change will go into effect with this new member admin launch, on Friday morning. Never fear, you still can use the following codes on your site:

br, big, b, small, strong, p, center, a, i, img.

If you happen to have any other than the ones listed above, keep your profile looking great by coming up with alternative HTML formatting before the change is made.

Does this spanking new interface make any difference or get even better? Not really, as far as I'm concerned, though it took me about 3 minutes to figure out the differences, which made me feel like i'm simply tidying up my drawer without removing anything from it. As for the internal message system, i'm quite positive about the function 'cause it makes the communications b/w visitors and artists (or among artists) more direct and convenient.

I also notice the layout in the member's art page has been changed, in the right column there are Curator's Picks, Featured Member, Recent Gallery, and Popular Tags (see the thumbnail). Except the popular tags, which would be refreshed randomly, the other 3 keep stationary, but i suspect the lists get updated periodically. I'm quite curious about the curator's picks but can't find any reference about it, but it definitely helps to make a splash.

How about featured members? from my observation you don't need to be a pro or platinum member to got featured (though i still have no clue who calls the shot here), so that's some extra spotlight you can get on IK, how generous is that!

My overall opinion about IK is it is a great website for any artists or photographers to build online galleries, but do keep my advice in mind:
  • Drive sales through outside links to your galleries is essential
  • Proper descriptions for each piece and decent profile are another factors to draw more attentions - that's how search engine makes you pop up.
In case you need more tips or helps, you can find them through Online Visual Artists Community Forum, lots of guys selling on IK would be more than happy to give you a hand.

This is a chart (posts that contain Imagekind per day for the last 6 months.) I found at Technorati, which shows that IK has done a great job in being a more and more popular topic for bloggers out there.
Technorati Chart

Another news is IK Finally has its own forum launched, so far it's very quiet around so go say hello & make some muss there. ;)

Monday, April 9

Good At Being A Laughingstock

laugh·ing·stock (lăf'ĭng-stŏk', lä'fĭng-) pronunciation n.
An object of jokes or ridicule; a butt. (from

What you see is the stats from feedburner. My blogs are just like my personalities: as unattractive as they can be! and i'm not afraid of saying it out loud. I wonder who actually read my blogs, something must be very wrong with them. LOL =D

A piece of Advice Worth More than 2 Cents

Once again, i found a very practical subject on the Art Face Offs forum, and I have to thank the author (he calls himself Buck) for enlightening me in an enormous scale. The reasons in discussion are: Too Similar, Too Different, Too Far Away, Too Fragile, Too Expensive, Too Cheap, Too Difficult, Too Inexperienced, and Too Experienced; i suppose if we do need classifications here, somehow every artist will fall into a certian category. Even if you are not going to get a gallery to present your works for you, you still can get some useful knowledge in this topic to reevaluate your works.

Art Community & Forum : Art Face Off :: Top 10 Reasons Why Galleries Reject Artists  Annotated

Most artists harbor the fantasy that if they could only find one art dealer that loved and believed in their work, their career would be set. They secretly believe that there exists a special person that can catapult them to fame. Many artists spend most of their careers searching for "the perfect gallery." And, as all quests towards perfection, it is never ending. If they already have a gallery, it's not good enough; if they are looking for their first gallery, they dream about the moment when someone sets eyes on their work and offers them a solo show immediately. The harsh reality of the situation is having a gallery love your work, is only one very small part of what goes into the decision to represent an artist.

From a gallery's point of view, adding an artist to their stable is much like adding a stock to one's portfolio. There are many complicated factors to take into consideration, and liking the "stock" usually has very little to do with the decision. (more...)

Wednesday, April 4

Photography l 3 Photographers with Great Point of "Views"

Is this the first time I feature photography in my blog? I suppose so, and I'm gald that I have a couple of talented photographers as my flickr contacts so i can learn how to look at the world through different perspective.

6:30 a.m. wonder by antonioVi
Throughout the whole photostream of antonioVi, all you can see is the passion of a photographer who wants to use a tiny machine we call Camera to capture the scenes created by the almighty nature, who keeps us humble and grateful for its blessing, in the most dramatically colorful ways.

misty(c) wiew by Serni
It's always a wonder to me that Miss Serni never stumbles in the quality of her photos (and that's why you read long testimonials in her profile and lovely compliments from her admirers). Similar with antonioVi, but in a softer and more feminine way, her works appears poetic & subtle, and let me just wanna get out of all this city life that could be hard to bear from time to time; thankfully, I know where I could go to to calm myself down.

Weird by Monkey T
Definition, apparently, is not a word you look for in MonkeyT's photos, which always tell their own stories through the funky colors, the casual combination of objects and the light coming from the most unexpected direction. What or who is the Weird One in this photo? Go ask Mr. MonkeyT yourself.

Monday, April 2

Let's Have Some Interactions!

Clips l Dreaded Artist Statement

In the previous post, you read about how to use the diigo toolbar to do highlighting and clipping, so here comes another instance of clipping - a topic i found in the forum of Art Face-off, Dreaded Artist Statement, crucial and elemental for every newbie. If you click on Annotated, you can see the highlightings and they are being "blogged" (or clipped) as follow. I haven't changed my statement for a while, and maybe it's about time for yours to get a face-lift.

Forum : Art Face Off :: View topic - Dreaded Artist Statement Annotated

most artists' statements become overly personal explanations about what art means to you and what you are trying to accomplish in your work things that are better saved for personal journal musings than for a public artist statement.

Artists need to know how to intelligently talk about their work, their influences, the sources for their imagery, and answer any questions about their technique.

artist's responsibility to see themselves in an art historical context and understand how they fit into the contemporary art world, regardless of the reasons that drive them to create

Most artists don't realize that many art reviewers make their living as writers, often making their services available to galleries or museums for catalog essays or miscellaneous writing jobs.

If hiring a professional is absolutely out of your realm and you must prepare an artist's statement yourself, here are some general guidelines to follow:
* Don't get personal. Keep the reasons why you make art to yourself.

* Educate, but don't preach. Imagine what you would like said if someone was explaining your work.

* Complete this sentence "This series is based on......."

* Mention important influences, artists as well as writers, that may set a context for your work.

* Discuss the process or technique if it is particularly unusual or an important element in understanding your media.

It's best to only give out your artist statement when it is requested, not as part of an unsolicited package. This alleviates the problem of telling someone more than they want to know, allowing for questions and interaction, and offers the opportunity for follow up. Wink