Saturday, February 25

Download | Wallpaper: Hokkaido

Hokkaido, photo by Ian Yang, mitrm, 2012
寄件者 February 24, 2012
    One doesn't need to book a flight to Japan to be in Hokkaido: he only needs to go to a restaurant called Hokkaido that serves Japanese food. That's what most of imaginative & sympathetic people do, 'cause I'm sure the Japanese government can't handle more than 6 billion of people at once.

Monday, January 30

flickr | friend or foe

friend or foe, photo by Ian Yang, mitrm, 2012
friend or foe, originally uploaded by **mitrm.
Via Flickr:
I would love to see them fight, but all they cared about was to stare at each other.

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Monday, August 8

Moonlit Night

I didn't take the usual road but the other one home 'cause I just felt like a better skyline, with a white spot hanging up there that changes its appearance everyday according to custom but mood. I figure that if certain things in our life are more predictable, or just transform their quality at a slower rate, our life will be more bearable. So thanks for being there, accompany whoever sleeps and dreams.

Friday, March 25

flickr | let's wait a while

let's wait a while, originally uploaded by **mitrm.

The sea, the sea... I was so glad to see it once again. That day I hardly heard the voices of the rolling, overlapping waves but the glimmering lights that felts cold, sharp, and yet warm. That view seemed a bit too agitating, but I managed to breathe at a normal rate. Everyone on the beach was so content, happy, care-free that made the scene almost look unreal and obscure. When will I come back again? I hope it will be soon 'cause I'm sure I was poisoned by the sensation. It had better be soon...

Friday, February 25

flickr | Ernie, don't be a hero...

Ernie, don't be a hero...

This is the very first time I try to create a scene - using my puppets as characters- which is something I always wanted to do. Lots of details were put into considerations, obviously, such as light, background, setting of camera, angles, distance, composition. I think it took almost 50 shots to get one just right, but the result is more than satisfactory.

Another thing: don't worry about a thing, kids, Ernie is totally fine. He's just acting, you know. :P

Tuesday, February 22

flickr | Where are the Mr. Sandman and Postman you're talking about?

He's always looking outside, and never feels like staying in. Every time I take him for a 30-minute walk he ends it up with rushing back home, not like he misses the cosiness of the bed or something, but he knows it's simply time for supper and the cooling water; after taking care of his physical yearning, he, once again, starts enjoying his routine of watching - I guess that's the only way he feels peaceful and content: knowing there is still something interesting about his world.

Monday, February 21

flickr | no one to be found

no one to be found, originally uploaded by **mitrm.

Lately I became one of those guys who can't get their hands off the camera, except that my tool/toy is a little less fancy than others', but thanks to the practice of graphic softwares, I am capable of producing some magic - if I want to, with some labor.

This obscure, minimalistic photo was taken in the cafeteria of IKEA, Kaohsiung, when having dinner - cold salmon tastes awful by the way - with my family. My eyes were busy searching for the right subject and spot, and Fate just came at the right time when I felt really irritated by the bad setting of all the chairs and tables and directed my eyesight to the ceiling lamps that line up. Couldn't keep my arms shaking so I took 20 or 30 pictures, just in case. I was very happy with the outcome and the overall impression that I wanted: a story conveyed through light and constraint.