Saturday, March 14

Launching of My Brand New Business Card!

business card design 09 by Ian Yang
Since I am running out of my business cards, I started working on a new design 2 weeks ago, with a background image based on my latest work "catastrophism". In order to make the design appear catchy and atmospheric, I keep those chandelier-like balls and the flowing lines; as for the colors, it's a long story! Let me just say it's way too colorful in the 3rd and 4th edition, but in the final one, I simply use yellow and greenish blue (I believe there ain't no such word! :P). How about the hateful black things on the either side? Part of the reason is that it helps to make the letters stand out, and most importantly, it not only encloses the background, but increases the vertical movement. In case you haven't noticed, there is something attached to those black stripes.

By the way, the fonts for this design includes Felix Titling (my name) and Eras Medium ITC (my email and number). Comments would be much appreciated as usual. ;)


我舊版的的名片快用完了,所以兩個禮拜前就開始動手做張新的版本。背景圖源自於最新的作品名為卡特斯特洛菲森 catastrophism (取這怪名當然有典故不過我下次再談),前前後後共作了5個版本,第5版當然就是你看到的最後定稿(如上圖)。就和我第一張名片一樣,我希望作品裡要有情境的感覺,所以我保留了原作類似吊燈的花案情(那有點是在幫助聯想)和流動的曲線,色調也簡單化,只用了黃與藍綠色;至於兩旁不對稱的黑色塊,不僅是為了使文字更突出,也有加強垂直運動的作用,最後為了增強流動性與立體感,也在深色被景上添加些微圖案,這作品就是如此構思與執行的。

至於字型,我用了Felix Titling (名字) 和 Eras Medium ITC (電子郵件和電話),有興趣的朋友不妨試用看看! :P