Monday, February 21

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no one to be found, originally uploaded by **mitrm.

Lately I became one of those guys who can't get their hands off the camera, except that my tool/toy is a little less fancy than others', but thanks to the practice of graphic softwares, I am capable of producing some magic - if I want to, with some labor.

This obscure, minimalistic photo was taken in the cafeteria of IKEA, Kaohsiung, when having dinner - cold salmon tastes awful by the way - with my family. My eyes were busy searching for the right subject and spot, and Fate just came at the right time when I felt really irritated by the bad setting of all the chairs and tables and directed my eyesight to the ceiling lamps that line up. Couldn't keep my arms shaking so I took 20 or 30 pictures, just in case. I was very happy with the outcome and the overall impression that I wanted: a story conveyed through light and constraint.

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