Tuesday, January 15

Let's Get Down to the Business... Card.

About 2 weeks ago I had a chance to set up a stall at a local culture center and met some REAL people with whom I can share some thought about my works. A common question that kept coming out of their mouths is: DO YOU HAVE A BUSINESS CARD? Well, I had thought about making one but was kind of runnin' out of inspiration then, but now - after browsing my old works - I have made an absolutely gorgeous one which I call The 16th's New Dress (click on the image for larger version):

Care about knowing a bit more about the design? Of course you do!

When we talk about good design, we always think of a key element that catches our attention immediately, in this case of mine, I have TWO, that big white circular thing (resembling moon) and some casual stains of orange (the color all my BABES can't live without). I put that circle on top not only because the original work sort of makes me think about the scene of night but it is a better solution for just putting texts on the colorful background. Applying lighter color makes a soft transition and distinction, and since it has a specific shape, it makes one fall into a certain mood naturally when one looks at it.

Besides, to keep it from being too "Clean", extra strokes was painted with a color that blends with the background harmoniously.

Well, you know, I was trying to imply that when you look at the moon, you do see some blemishes on it, and sometimes, it's the blemishes that give the charms. ;)

By the way, do you see those ripples on the right?? I saved those ripples for this design to suggest that a viewer can look at this card in different angle so he can discover something new (or old, since it originated from my Energetic Baby No.16!).

Finally, there comes good news for you all: I'm gonna offer this as free gift - an A4 print of limited edition* - for my customers. There are only 5o of them so if you're intrigued already, better not hesitate and go right away to my shop and pick a print of your favorites! ;)


* Business card and an A4 print edition is a bit different 'cause you do know that textures are hardly recognizable on a tiny card, right? :)


Patrick said...

Hello Ian,

I can tell you that it's REALLY the most beautiful business card i've ever seen.

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