Sunday, December 16

Energetic Baby No.93: The One and Only, I Mean Daily-Deviationally

Energetic Baby No.93 by Ian YangIt's always a big deal - at least for lots of deviants - of getting a DD, abbr. of Daily Deviation. It almost feels like I was overwhelmed by a storm made up by the wind and the rains of visits, faves and comments, the scale of which is so enormous that it's impossibly for me to visit each deviant's profile just to say "Thanks for the +fave" by endless pasting. To make this event BIGGER, I'm obliged to introduce, officially, right here and right now, the little fellow of my called Energetic Baby No.93 1 that caused this sweet surprise!

The following is the remark from the administrator, Sophquest:
Check out...Energetic Baby No.93 by ~mitrm. With it's zany looking gears, this seemingly mechanized fractal, might be something we'd see inside Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! The Suggestor writes: "I am just blown away by this render. The textures and shading are just fabulous, as is the gradient. It's definitely a full-view piece!"

Never have I watched the movie, but the word "mechanized" is certainly one key element. The outline of this work is very clean and sharp, which has its appeal but I always managed to put something else into my work according to my mood and the flow of my own.. let's just say "artist's instinct." To create the illusion of "dimensions," a lot of darkness naturally were applied with the brighter colors, as usual. The contrast is also quite obvious that directs a viewer's attention and imagination around the image. A observant guy might notice the curved, oddly-looking shades - I need those to imply the tension of the graphic. There are a couple of secrets I hide inside this work, but I would rather you take the trouble of searching for them. After all, art isn't something that should keep a distinctive shape that required not a second look. :P


1 In case you're interested in the detailed look of this work, please refer to the 3rd page my official website. Thanks.


HJ said...

What is the scale of these works?

Ian Yang said...

Hi HJ, glad that you asked. A couple of my works are available now in my shop ( as signed prints of limited edition. No.93 comes in 3 different sizes: 24"x24", 36"x36" and 44"x44". In case you do want one, better be quick 'cause it could be out of stock any time. Thanks for visiting my little blog, Happy New Year! :D