Sunday, June 24

Energetic Baby No.33

Energetic Baby No.33 by mitrm aka Ian Yang
Visitors' comments:
I like this as well. Has a feeling of a Japanese print to it, but more abstract, which I like because I feel I would be able to look at it many different times and see different things in it. - BitsOfNature on WetCanvas

Yep, blacks & warm colour striking though everything in its way!... well perhaps a bit aggressive, but heading towards deconstructing rather than constructing, so maybe sinister is a good description. -
Ellcott on Redbubble

A new work, and another occasion to explain myself through my work (oh how i hate that! :( ). Well, honestly I didn't devote myself to my art that much lately, depression, melancholy, or the hot atmosphere all get me down like a piece of cake. Anyway, remember that No.80 (sure you don't), No.33 was made to stand side by side with it, and I found myself a poor critic and judge to say which one is superior, I guess the little humble but proud artist inside my head tends to love his own works no matter what. I pulled lots of different techniques I'm familiar with together to make this, but my computer suffered badly for my nasty demands. The prints are available now on Imagekind, get them while they are cheap, for they will be worth thousands and thousands when I can't be more than dead. :]

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