Saturday, June 9

Now It's Official... Good For Me! : ]

So after a whole month of all the muss and fuss, finally my very first portfolio website - A loft of my own - is online, it's offcial (well, no kidding), it's serious (well, not realy), it's a milestone for sure! It collects, for now at least, an almost complet collection of Energetic Babes and some important writing of mine, plus the very basic profile, some spotlight I got, and links of resouces that keep me attached to this ART THING. On the homepage you can find CREDITS on the bottom which I list a couple of links that help me through the painful process of webdesigning, about which I'm planning of writing additional info that you may be interested to learn and put on some special efftect to boost your works as well, such as floating document, drop-down tooltips, pop-up images, in the future; on the artwork section you get to read some of my visitors' remarks about each piece (I thank you all pals) -- basically that's all my website is about. Lots of works are still on my to-do list, so much to do but so tight the schedule (well, not really). I feel quite relieved after all, and also proud of myself for building a website on my own, I hope you all may enjoy a small amout of time you spend there and if you feel like it, use the shoutbox to introduce yourself and leave a brief note.

As for now, time to make more and more art and get some beauty sleep as well. Guten Abend. : ]
  1. It seems like my webpages work best on IE, as for Firefox, you better click F5 to refresh the pages; in Opera, the pop-up images totally fail no matter what and so far I simply have no solution. I apologize for the browser incompatibility thing,
  2. There is funny article on linesandcolors about how not to display your artwork on the web, you shouldn't miss this one if you host a portfolio website yourself.
  3. My baby No.80 got featured on blanketmagazine (issue Movement, 1st release), check it out!

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