Monday, August 20

Don't Let A Fabulous 30" Apple Cinema Display Just Slip Away!

For those regular visitors of my blog, i.e., my imaginary fans, sorry about the long long lag of update, it's my bad, so here comes a great news for those who happen to be drooling for a brand new monitor but can't afford it like me. There's a competition on Redbubble for all digital artists, based on a theme called "Infinite Future Chaos." I have got my entry finished, so you had better hurry up. The following is additional info you should know beforehand:

The challenge: create a high-res, jaw-dropping piece of digital art, based on the theme “Infinite Future Chaos”.
We’re giving away a stunning 30-inch Apple Cinema Display. It’s bloody huge, and has beautiful color reproduction. Photoshop never looked so good. Check out the specs:
  • dimensions: sit back a bit.. it just barely fits on your desk
  • refresh rate: 4000 times per picosecond
  • lovely: yes
  • max. resolution: 64 gazilla-pixels
  • awesome factor: 10
“But.. WTF is Infinite Future Chaos?”, we hear you ask. Fair question. To be honest, we don’t really know what it means. It’s possibly something to do with jetpacks... or perhaps trees taking over the city... or trees wearing jetpacks taking over the city with lasoos. Only time will tell.

The winners of the 30" Apple Cinema Display and the RedBubble voucher, plus four runners-up, will have their work published in the November issue of Photoshop Creative.

For more details, check out this link, the deadline is Oct. 1, 2007. May the best artists win! : ]

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