Tuesday, October 28

先賭為快: 明信片設計 (i.e. babes on the postcard!)

之前有顧客建議我多設計些不同類型的商品, 首先推出的當然就是那變裝貼紙! 我當然也有其他想法, 不過那通常會先受限於資金的問題 ( 例如印在瓷器上成本就會高很多). 我前兩天逛了逛大創還真的被我尋到寶了!! 因為我的第一眼印象就讓我靈機一動有了一個好點子: 那是一個淡藍色長形畫框, 中間水平分佈了三個有銀色細框的圓形, 造型相當摩登, 我一口氣買了好幾個回家後便迫不及待想試試放上我的圖效果如何, 先量了尺寸後又在GIMP裡瞎搞了一番 ( 重點還是在於挑三張屬性類似並於剪裁時注意視覺平衡的問題), 於是我的明信片設計便簡簡單單地完成了!!

A new postcard design project. The layout was inspired by a very cool frame I just bought 2 days ago. It's modern and sleek, and got this baby blue color (looking awfully good with all my orange babes!) with 3 circles in the middle. I actually bought a couple of them so I can display and sell them the next time you see me at the culture center in the downtown! :P

I'm thinking about having the similar layout for the 2009 calendar, so what you think about that? go ahead and leave a note 'cause people rarely have opinion about anything nowadays except the declining global economics! :(

就先給你們看看頭兩張, 等我再弄好兩張並裱褙好, 會拍個美美的照片好讓你們品頭論足一番的! :P

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