Sunday, October 12

4th Release of 2008 Calendar: 免費桌曆下載: 第四期

Hey guys, I know I'm running a bit late but here is the final release of the 2008 calendar for my energetic baby series. I didn't get much feedback from my visitors on this design project but still it's a nice experience! :P In case you need some instruction about printing, check out my previous blog entry: Free 2008 Calendar?! No Kidding!

真報歉, 都快過兩周了才發第四期的桌曆, 就看在那精美的設計上, 原諒我吧!! 昨天在文化中心擺攤時我答應顧客們今天可以上部落格免費下載, 還算有良心的我當然說到就要做到! :P 就多印兩三份送給你的親朋好有吧!!

4th release of 2008 Calendar Design by Ian Yang
至於印表機的設定我之前有談過, 請用A4的列印用紙, 約170磅左右, 選擇高畫質列印 (200~300dpi), 正常列印(版面), 印出後摺成三角錐或直接捲成筒狀, 固定的方式可用雙面膠或迴紋針ㄡ!

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Marian said...

I’m Marian, Last Saturday evening in Kaohsiung Cultural Center had meets your stall the artware, you can realize your dream of becoming an artist!盼下週六晚能看到你作品