Friday, April 20

News l Sell your Flickr Photos at Imagekind

This is something I read on the Imagekind newsletter this morning:

Imagekind is happy to announce our new partnership with Flickr. From now on you will be able to sell or print your favorite Flickr pictures at Imagekind. Our latest move is consistent with our drive to improve the reach and draw of our artists and customers. We are thrilled with our latest step... and we hope you will be too!

Flickr artists will automatically be able to create and/or sell up to 24 images of their work via Imagekind. This is great news not only for Flickr members but also for Imagekind artists. By driving more traffic to our site and increasing brand awareness the new partnership is sure to benefit all Imagekind artists.

Well, the competition is on its way as fast as it can be, and everyone can start sharing their works through IK's print-on-demand program. I have a couple of names of my flickr contacts in my mind now who easily drive traffic like crazy. You can click this LINK for more info. Happy selling! :)

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