Wednesday, April 4

Photography l 3 Photographers with Great Point of "Views"

Is this the first time I feature photography in my blog? I suppose so, and I'm gald that I have a couple of talented photographers as my flickr contacts so i can learn how to look at the world through different perspective.

6:30 a.m. wonder by antonioVi
Throughout the whole photostream of antonioVi, all you can see is the passion of a photographer who wants to use a tiny machine we call Camera to capture the scenes created by the almighty nature, who keeps us humble and grateful for its blessing, in the most dramatically colorful ways.

misty(c) wiew by Serni
It's always a wonder to me that Miss Serni never stumbles in the quality of her photos (and that's why you read long testimonials in her profile and lovely compliments from her admirers). Similar with antonioVi, but in a softer and more feminine way, her works appears poetic & subtle, and let me just wanna get out of all this city life that could be hard to bear from time to time; thankfully, I know where I could go to to calm myself down.

Weird by Monkey T
Definition, apparently, is not a word you look for in MonkeyT's photos, which always tell their own stories through the funky colors, the casual combination of objects and the light coming from the most unexpected direction. What or who is the Weird One in this photo? Go ask Mr. MonkeyT yourself.

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