Friday, April 27

Poetry: A Couple

Of course I have totally forgot why I wrote this, but i do remember my initial thought was to compose a dialogue between a couple, whose story should be told in a poetic and picturesque way, so I split the poem in 2 parts to present the relationship that is united but diverging as well. I published this one on Deviantart already, but since i am slowly cutting myself away from there, I thought it would be nice to have some old works here as some sort of document/journal. This not only has quite an unique style that differs from my other writing but it's the first time i let someone "die" in my imaginary works; thankfully there actually is one guy who appreciated this, you can read his comment at the end of this post.

Today I came to see her again,
Knowing that she is standing still on the bank
Alone, facing toward the sea
A habit she gets used to eventually
Day by day and day after day.
They told me her beloved is what she expected
But never knew it was me
Who brought her here every single day.
She never changes her facial expression
As a doll bears no human emotions.
But today I witnessed a miracle
Vividly upon her face -- a smile.

And then she jumped into the sea…
A letter they found later goes like this:

"Everyday I come here for you alone
Knowing not if you’ll be home safe and sound.
The waves never cease beating
As my stubbornness the wind never stops mocking
Day by day and day after day.
I’ve known in the shade you always hid
But would never come back to me
Who brought you here every single day.
Why am I fooled by your indecision
As my heart is all ready to take its action?
My faith, as a pebble, I throw away
And my name -- I leave it on the sand."

Quite a moving piece, if ambiguous. The line "knowing you'll be home safe and sound" suggests to me the man is at war, and the woman is waiting. When he returns she finds he is different to the man who left her those years ago. Whether infidelity is a part of it or not I'm not sure, but if she jumps into the sea (a very dramatic gesture by anyone's standards) it might well have played a part. Otherwise she just realised how wasted and misplaced her affections had been. That's my interpretation anyway. Good job. -- by ~Faulky

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