Wednesday, September 5

Another Good Find: Lightbox2 For Showing Off Your Pics as Overlay Images

Example Image:
Lightbox is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.

I have seen this thing before and always wanted it, thanks God I found it via the delicious It's a javascript that let a smaller preview pic show up on the current page in a nice and show way. You can give it a try on the homepage of Lightbox2, just make sure beforehand that you enable javascripts on your browers. I also use pop-up images on my website for my works, with a little trick of CSS, whose drawback is that those images would be fetched at the same time when the page starts loading so it's more time-consuming. Since now I found this life-saver, I probably will spend some time rebuilding my site all over again. Speaking of rebuilding, I just updated my site this morning, adding a new gallery, thanks to Autoviewer, for my The Triple series, plus a work called No.45 which is probably my favorite of this series so far and is my special treat for you as well. ;)

One more thing: guess what, my diigo group, Art.In.General., has 7 members! Most of them are as quiet and dead as possible; well, if only they got enough beauty sleep! ;) I have added a couple of new bookmarks in the last few days, don't forget to drop by.

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