Saturday, September 8

Somebody Is Speaking Italian?

Excuse my ignorance but I need a good translator here. Someone has left comments on my works but even Babel Fish Translation gives me no satisfactory answer. They are as follows:
  • J'aime vraiment beaucoup celle-ci. Bravo
  • Celle-ci aussi me plait beaucoup. Encore bravo
In case you can read them, please be kind enough to translate them for me, thanks. ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,

first of all: Many thanks for your
comment on DeviantArt :)

This here is french (I think the "bravo" made you think it could be italian...)
That´s what it means (more or less):

"I love this one very much. Bravo"


"I like this one a lot too. Once again bravo"

I hope you are fine (still in Taiwan, do I remember well?)


Sven (a.mar.illo)