Friday, September 21

Nonsense: From 1909 to Stardom

Ilike having fun with a bit of writing nonsense, and unfortunately, I don't care that much about making a fool out of myself. :P

Today I checked out my redbubble account and saw my portfolio page has 1909 views. I'm sure it's a pretty lame record for which I have a whole bag of excuses. It inspired me though to write something funny for I haven't done that for a while (you know i really work my butt off for those baby things ;)). And this is it:
One thousand, nine hundred and nine
Is the number of my views.
Without my own thousand and nine,
The number would be rather few.

Who's gonna give me ninety one,
To make up a perfect two thousands?
When pigs fly or the doomsday comes..
Or I earn the acknowledged stardom.
It's bad, I know, not like I've never done anything silly since I was born. :)

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