Thursday, November 1

Don't Just Stumble Upon: Intro of My Bookmark Group

Some of you may not yet have the pleasure of knowing that I run a small, insignificant bookmark group exclusively for ARTS called Art.In.General., where I share a bunch of great links, with 7 other members (who barely share anything but their avatars), including references, news, designs, tutorials, art history and portfolio websites of artists. Since tastes differ (how I love this notion), my collections might seem a bit prejudicial and ignorant, so it would be really great to see your contribution of bookmarks for a change.

Besides that lovely comment tag for members, here are a couple of things I love about Diigo groups:

Preview and About Page: certainly everyone grasps a quick idea about a website based on tags, and you don't have to open a new window to take a peek on a Diigo Group. As for the About page, it's for those who are interested in the info of Google, Yahoo, Technorati and Digg links and score.Email Alert and Bookmark feeds: there are only a few clicks away for you to get the updated on whatever frequency that suit you best.
With that said, hopefully I will see some new bookmarks showing up in my group, instead of new, fresh and flashing avatars. God forbid!! :P

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Jen said...

I really love your artwork over at (and your layout... it shows you worked your ass off) it's really quite inspiring! I saw your cool graphic on your profile over at colourlovers and had to stop by. :-)