Tuesday, November 20

Energetic Baby No.9

Energetic Baby No.9 by Ian YangDo you see the "shadow" of Baby No.59 in this? Yup, I admit that I was a bit carried away, but hey, life might be really boring without the company of shadow, right?! ;)

In this new work (not that new actually, which I finished 3 weeks ago), I tried to emphasize the contrast of colors, and certainly the composition plays a major role one this one: it seems like I sort of offer 2 options for myself (and viewers as well), one is naturally going deep deep down into the abyss, or one can choose to travel along the smooth cures and jump on the petals by will. If you wonder why I have my favorite orange leaning against the right side, well, the truth is, I'm demonstrating for you how I build up my laws by breaking up my laws.

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