Sunday, November 4

What Do You Do With "AQUA"?

Well, you do with what other readers of blanket magazine do: submit a piece of work that reacts to it!! The deadline is November 25th, 2007, so you had better hurry up.

But what the heck is blanket magazine?! According to the staff, their mission is "to create an online magazine that will uncover new, emerging and established designers/artists/photographers, showcase their talent and give them a vehicle for self promotion. We aim to inspire through informative, functional and dynamic design and encourage designers, artists and photographers to contribute on many levels and build a strong network of creative's."

Believe it or not, my Energetic Baby No.76 is one of members of the family in the Good vs. Evil issue, release #4 (sound of clapping and Hooray!!! ^_^). Some great works you can find in this issue include:
Andre Gordon
Zamir Bermeo
Joe Penrod
Grant Barnhartand many many more. If you're one of those who needs others to recognize your genius and prides yourself for being side by side with your favorites artists, get your image ready ASAP. And good luck! ;)


phpdev67 said...

Great post and great art.

Patrick said...

Hello Ian,
First, congrats for that showcase in blanket !

Second, i wanted to say that comming here (on your blog) is still and always a pleasure.