Sunday, December 16

A Change Will Do Me Good: Something New for My Website

Since I have created a new page on my website (click on the image above to get there :D), just to keep my daily baby sitting job easier, I guess some of you would like to know a bit of tale behind all this. If some of ideas work for you, that's even better!

1. Related Blog Post:
I have thought about creating a single page for individual image, but then I might have to give up my fabulous layout altogether! No good!! Instead, I just wrote a few words for each work, and in case I feel the urge to explain or do some promotion, I will comment on it on my blog, and then add the links on the page of my website.

2. Installment of Lightbox2:
This is my favorite innovation this time, thanks to this fancy, super-convenient javascrip by Lokesh Dhakar. After installing this lovely script, you can add a bunch of images for any links on your sites. The image will fade in with dark background, and if you have related images, you simply group them together by including a group name.

3. Detailed looks:
Like what I have told you above, it is really easy to put additional images for each link, so I thought a detailed look is not only welcome, but satisfies the curiosity of some visitors.

4. AddThis! Widget:
From Digg,, Furl, to Diigo, Facebook, and StumbleUpon, you name it, this widget got it! Saving a bookmark has never made one feel so good! :P

5. Reader Art Submission:
Some of you might have heard of my lousy event I call O'Range is Hot, it's a dumb idea, but I'm still taking your response very seriously! Everyone can submit his/her the most fantastic orange work, and after a bit of consideration and arrangement, it might have a chance of coming into my kindergarten and have some fun with my "kids" for some time. I promise there won't be any kicking or bruises happening! :P


Patrick said...

Hello Ian, i think you're a real king of webdesign and i'm very happy to see my "Orange and green" once more on your blog/website. Thank you and merry Christmas !

Ian Yang said...

Actually I am not. :P glad that you like the design. Merry Christmas!