Tuesday, December 11

Free 2008 Calendar?! No Kidding!

Yes, I'm in a giving mood, for Christmas's sake, and thanks to the generosity of my Babes, the first release, i.e., from January to March, showcasing Baby No.44, 9 and 59, is now available solely for your pleasure! Just click on the image to download my 2008 Calendar: Army of Energetic Babes, and please use A4 size of paper, and set your printer as recommended to get the best result:
  • Print Type: borderless printing (I have set 2% bleed edge!)
  • Print Quality: high (or 100dpi to 150 dpi)
  • Media Type: photo paper matte
At first I did want to arrange the images according to the theme of 4 seasons, but then I sort of got lazy! Stay tuned 'cause more are coming real SOON! Before I forget, don't use glue but tape which can prevent your paper from deforming and discoloring. The sharp angle of triangle scare ya?! You can just make a cylinder instead of a triangular prism. ;)

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Anonymous said...

you rock!!!
thank you