Sunday, December 30

Something Awful and Something New

Bad news for me: my old computer was totally broken a couple of days ago! Good news for all: I bought another one through lots of muss and fuss! Can't believe such a tragedy happened to me, and I still have old stuff on my old hard disc to save, but thanks God! All my babes are safe and sound, who are all wide awake and waiting for the right time to make some noise. The 2nd release of my Free 2008 Calendar: Army of Energetic Babes is available now, including No.14, No.93 and No.90 (from March to May). Just follow the link on the image bellow to download the file.

layout of 2nd release of 2008 calendar: Army of Energetic BabesI have a couple of new ideas for the future projects, but I'm preparing for a local art fair and I don't have too much time to execute my plan. Some limited edition of my prints may be sold so you have better hurry up before they are all gone with the wind. My shop is always open, and my babes will be very happy to greet you at the door in case I'm not around! :)

BTW, a new, stable version (2.4) of GIMP is available. Download link for Linux: As for Windows:

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