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Better Late Than Never: Release of 2008 Calendar from July to September

真不敢相信我最後一次的文章是發表於一月, 喔天阿!!

最近花較多時間閱讀些藝術相關的書籍和一些小說, 如 Tristram Shandy (Laurence Sterne 著), The Sea, the Sea (Iris Murdoch 著), 前者幾乎都是在高雄市中正文化中心的圖書館發掘的; 我當記錄那些我認為身為一藝術愛好者與一普通讀者應當永遠避免的書目 -- 儘管唐吉訶德的作者成曾告誡我们再敬差強人意的書也有其可取之處 -- 我還是寧願在下回更新部落格時, 分享我所喜愛的書籍中令我有所感應的片段, 如梵谷的書信。

Can't believe that the last article on my blog was published on January, oh my GOD!!

To be honest, I spent much of my time reading some art-related books and a couple of novels, such as Tristram Shandy (by Laurence Sterne) and The Sea, the Sea (by Iris Murdoch), the former are all discovered in the library of cultural center, which looks rather old and poor even some say it's the largest one in Kaohsiung. I should have listed a couple of books, as an art lover and common reader, I think one should definitely avoid in the rest of his life so he wouldn't feel distressed and disappointed and take a dim view of the art that someone like me who tries so hard to make, nevertheless, I would rather share something that truly touches me next time, like the letters of Vincent van Gogh.

那, 回到正題吧! 下面這張是7月份登場的小寶貝, Energetic Baby No.53

Okie Dokie, let's cut to the chase! The following image is the Baby for July, Energetic Baby No.53.image: Baby for July, Energetic Baby No.53
image of 2008 calendar design, July to September, Energetic Baby No.53至於八月與九月, 就賣個關子, 下載檔案後你就會知道了! 馬上按下右側的下載鈕吧!! =D

不曉得自從我發佈月免費月曆以來究竟有多少人下載並印出來使用了如果你有的話麻煩你拍個美美的照片寄到我的電子信箱 ian[at], 我一定會幫你發表給我的讀者看看好讓他們羨慕一下

As for August and September, well, you'll see when you download the file! Just click on the big, fat, lovely icon designed by AlperEsin on Deviantart and get your 3rd release of 2008 Calendar in the shape of a triangular prism.;)

Don't know how many people out there have actually downloaded the previous calendar 1 and print it. In case you have, please do me a favor and send some pictures of it to my email, i.e., ian[at] so I can publish them for you and make some of my readers jealous of the fabulous prints you've got!!

趁我還記得, 接下來三個月隔周周六, 我會在文化中心廣州路側藝術市集設攤位, 別忘了來拿一張我精心設計的名片呦! =D


1 Previous calendar: Something Awful and Something New (April to June) & Free 2008 Calendar?! No Kidding! (with guide for printing)

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