Saturday, January 6

Something odd has happened to me..

Shadow of Glass No.24
Shadow of Glass No.24,
originally uploaded by mitrm_da.
And that is a work i published elsewhere barely attracted any attention but suddenly I have won 3 trophies given by the members of the same group, i.e., MY WINNERS! on flickr. I guess it is sort of cool (if this is the right word) that for some this is appealing but something more than an Oscar or a star of fave is even better in my book, like a decent critique, or at least the sign of the willingness to share some mutual thoughts. It doesn't mean anything to me if everyone is mimicking others by saying "I love it" - that is the custom when we speak of Shakespeare or Mozart. I don't need people to sweet-talk to me so I would feel encouraged or aspired to carry on something towards which I always got the limitless passion.

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