Tuesday, January 16

I Want You to Be Featured As Bi-monthly Artist!!!

Hello, ladies & gentlemen & boyz & girls, this post is all about you and all for you!!! =D For the sake of promotion and variety of contents, I decided to have this bi-montly featured artist on the top of my page that I hope will draw some visitors' attention when they drop by, who could have a clearer idea about you through an brief intro & the exhibition of some of your best works. For now, I would like to start with my watchers on deviantART, where I have recieve about 5 applications so far (geez, those guys are desperate! ;)) and maybe in the future I will consider the applications from those photographers or artists I met at flickr. I do hope by this generous offer, you could have more fans who get to know you and about your works, make your papa proud, have this feature as part of your resume, or meet your future mate out of no where. (dream on!!!) :O)

About the post itself, it will contain a nice-looking collage I make for you (if you would like to design a collage yourself, that'll be great), which display probably 3 to 6 of your best chosen by you, a brief introduction made by you about your works and yourself, and finally the critique from me. For more info, check out my journal at DA.

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