Tuesday, January 16

Energetic Baby No.14

Energetic Baby No.14
Energetic Baby No.14,
originally uploaded by mitrm_da.
The biggest advantage as a self-taught artist is that I can try to develop my own lines, following my own principles without theories (have you any idea of the theories about ART!!!) & boundaries, but the limitations are sometimes, unfortunately, being classified as ignorance & dullness or the lack of modernism or insight. I have purchased a couple of copies of Computer Arts (a mag published in UK) and the thoughts i got after reading them are like... MY WORKS SUCK!! (sorry for the improper word) Nevertheless, I will take Borges's advice anyway, of shaking off the big bag of the burden of HISTORY & trying NOT to be a forward contemporary artist 'cause I already am (am dull and ignorant ;))!!! Even though i feel like i'm gonna be one of those artists who never sold a single piece of their works in their life time.

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