Tuesday, January 2

The Saddest Puppy In IKEA

Yesterday afternoon I went to the new opening IKEA in Kaohsiung, which is quite attractive for so many locals that I'm afraid that it has become one of the hottest sightseeing spots in no time since November 1st, 2006. Anyway, you know the businessmen do lots of tricks, like all the professional & smartest magicians, to draw a few bucks from your pockets (I'm one of the victims: I bought an alarm clock there yesterday but didn't get a free cup of coffee 'cause I get nervous waiting in line, so guilty as charged!), but in the case I ran into, it's just too sad that I have to post my own comment here.

Every Wednesday they have some items for sale, you know, like toys & candles & whatever ain't selling at all, and they have to make a giant poster of those stuff to boast the illusion of CHEAPNESS (I knew that 'cause i was an ex-employee a few years ago) they are so proud of. A particular picture drew my attention when I passed by, it's a poster of an oil-painted, white little puppy, sitting in front of the maroon background. The original price for that is about NT$259 (about US$8), but on the next Wednesday? it "costs" you only NT$9. I forgot the artist's name, and I hope he won't have the chance of reading my post in his life time.

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