Saturday, February 10

Bi-monthly Featured Artist: Ersi Samara

As Forrest Gump's mom said: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know if you're gonna like the one you pick. No matter how you get here and why you're reading this now, I must say thank you, and congratulate you as well 'cause this is your lucky day, the day you get to know a contemporary artist who may not be a Picaso or William Morris, and who you probably have no chance to meet in your lifetime but you can share his/her joy (or chocolates =D) through seeing & acknowledging his/her art, so please, go visit the artist's website to say something positive, encouraging & honest. It's a blessing to have the natural gift of making art, but we need some luck, for all of us, to run into it.

Artist: Ersi
Full Name: Ersi Samara
: Spain

Website & Shop:

Must-See (from left to right):
Colours for Joy
2/ The Sacred Bull
3/ Abstract Study 08
4/ Reflections of The Horse

I studied Art, I studied Photography, I studied Interior Decoration and even Social Anthropology! I am interested in all forms of art, I read a lot and I find inspiration in almost anything. Paintings, books, films, casual conversations, overheard conversations, the colour of the sky or the taste of a dish. I found fractals 3 years ago and with them my first addiction. The images I create are the best and most meaningful presentation I can make of myself and my work. Your eyes and interpretations complete the images and their meaning. Thank you for viewing them. And my very special thanks to mitrm (from blogger: it's me actually) for taking the time and the trouble to feature the creations of other artists!

My critique:
I never heard of the word "fractal" in my life before August in last year, but since then I have been fully charmed by numerous works I have seen by hundreds of creative fractal artists on DeviantART, among them Miss Ersi Samara's pieces are certainly those you definitely shouldn't have missed, or you cannot possibly miss 'cause you could immediately tell something different, unique about them that you might as well call it's Love of First Sight! The major reason why I'm one of her faithful admirers is the diversity of her pieces: the color combinations seems so easy but tasteful, the patterns always disturbing but powerful, her methodology and vision? ambitious and brilliant. I hate feeling jealous, but in this case, I believe she's comin' up with more and more masterpieces that will humble me for a long long long time to come.

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Ersi said...

Thanks again, Ian! It's me who's humbled by your complimentary critique.