Monday, February 12

Art-Spotting l Richard Russell

I don't know since when collages have become a form of art in history, but the more i saw them, the more i'm charmed by the infinite possibilities of collages, which doen't mean it's any easier to make a real successful piece. But as far as the featured artist's works are concerned, the bolder & crazier, the BETTER. I enjoy (almost, to be honest) every single work I see in Mr. Russell's photostream, he makes me feel like he's an experienced space traveler b/w the ancient time and the future who gives his destination a brand new definition, or like Roger Federer's forehand - always capable of doing amazing magic out of the blue.
Artist: Richard Russell (Lucky Devil 7) l Profile
Residence: USA l Gallery
Must-See: 1 2 3
Note: Please do not reproduce artists' works without his/her permission in the first place.

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