Tuesday, February 6

Art-Spotting l Quatre Illustration

There is actually a long story how I found this: I bought a Canon printer last year, i.e., IP4000, which not only looks great but works like a charm; a couple of weeks ago i happened to know they gave free ink cartridges from a flyer i got at a local 3C store, the new printers on it got my attention so i visited Canon's website trying to find them, then a side-bared ad got me, a link to a fantatic service provided by Canon, which they call Canon 3D papercraft (and please do me a favor now, by bookmarking the hyperlink!!). And what is it about?! Well, everything is super cool in this website! you have greetings, 3D paper craft, scapbook, calendars etc, all available in A4, 4"x6" or letter size for you to print (and don't tell me you haven't bookmarked it yet!) Not only i have got my fabulous 3D 2007 calendar and some lovely paper craft, but I spotted an illustration team that i'm greatly fond of, i.e., QUATRE ILLUSTRATION. Too bad i can't read Japanese, but the styles they create are all so warm and friendly that I think everyone would appreciate their designs. Enjoy your trip, and don't tell me you don't want to bookmark this! ^_^
Artist: Quatre Illustration
Nationality: Japan l Official website
Greeting cards l Calendars 4"x6" or 3D

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