Thursday, February 8

The Art of Making Art

Don't know how many of you enjoy Barbra's Putting It Together, or even heard about it, it's just one of my old time fave, i guess it's because of the lyrics and the incredible skill it requires for a singer to execute. I can't find the sample mp3 on the net but one vid on youtube:

The following are just parts of the complete lyrics:
Bit by bit, putting it together

Piece by piece, only way to make a work of art

Every moment makes a contribution

Every little detail plays a parts

Having just a vision's no solution

Everything depends on execution

Putting it together, that's what counts!

Ounce by ounce, putting in together

Small amounts, adding up to make a work of art

First of all you need a good foundation

Otherwise it's risky from the start

Takes a little cocktail conversation

But without the proper preparation

Having just a vision's no solution

Everything depends on execution

The art of making art

Is putting it together, bit by bit


Dot by dot, building up the image

Shot by shot, keeping at a distance doesn't pay

Still if you remember your objective

Not give all your privacy away

A little bit of hype can be effective

As long as you can keep it in perspective

Even when you get some recognition

Everything you do you still audition

Art isn't easy

Overnight you're a trend

You're the right combination

Then the trend's at an end

You're suddenly last year's sensation!

All they ever want is repetition

All they really like is what they know

Gotta keep a link with your tradition

Gotta learn to trust your intuition

While you re-establish your position

So that you can be on exhibit...

So that your work can be on exhibition!

In one word (or more than one word): it takes nuts and guts to make art (and don't tell your mom I told you this. ^_^)

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