Sunday, October 7

Any Orange Fans Out There?! Attention Please!

UPDATE: Due to want of entries, I abstain from the notion of holding a contest. Sorry kids. :(

Orange is HOT!Orange is HOT! - visual art contest raised by Ian Yang, aka mitrmOr NOT?!

I was thinking about it for quite a while -- why not holding a contest on my blog/website for those who dig ORANGE as much as I do?! I even did some doodling for an exclusive, catchy logo of this contest when I was sipping a milkshake! My basic idea is that this is a competition exclusively for visual art, you choose the theme and subject but must employ orange as major color for your artwork, creepy painting or lovely photography, marvelous designs or ridiculous installments, new or old, blown or bellowed. After we have all the works from everyone after a month, a poll -- based on idea, execution and quality -- will be held for all the contestants (or my favorite artists who will volunteer as judges) and the final top 3 will receive my Energetic Babes prints as rewards. I will design a new page on my website as well to showcase all the entries so everyone can share your glory and get inspired. Sound fabulous, right?! But before that I need to hear your opinions & suggestions first 'cause not only it may take some time for me to manage all the details of this fair, but this whole idea could be a total failure without enough participations. If you feel tempted, leave a comment pronto so I can start this campaign as soon as possible.

Feeling like running out of steam? Don't worry 'cause I have got a bunch of marvelous works waiting for you:

Orange Is Hot! Collage Reference (thumbnail)
1 Dreaming 4 by *sinademiral (Photography, Urban)
2 Public Mutual AAN 2007 by ~yienkeat (Editorial Design)
3 chaos by *apricot8585 (Fantasy Drawings)
4 slow+steady by *H3AD3AD (Digital Abstract)
5 split. by ~gizmocrat (Photography)
6 1to10in35mm_complex by pr0jectz (Digital Paintings)
7 shun goku satsu by arnistotle (comics)
8 Deliquesce by Six3 (fractal)
9 Danton's Death - Part II by ~speedburger
10 Battle of Anghidingbums by Pergamon (Digital Painting)
11 Serpentine Soiree by 'jasinski (illustration)
12 The Party I Found Within A Pile of Leaves of by Niki Kelce (illustrations)

1 Please leave your comment HERE if you want to get involved for I have published this news on various places and it's easier for me to organize all the entries on a single page.
2 Credites: GIMP for banner design, finished in 2 hours, and an xcf file is availabe in case you need it; font entitled Prisma by Entworfen von Rudolf Koch.
3 That date thing is flexible, I haven't decided it yet.
4 The copyrights of the images belong to the artists/designers/creators. Do not use them for commercial purpose without permissions.


Patrick said...

Hi Ian,
I'm Patrick from
You have left a war comment on my blog and i discovered your work threw your profile links.
I love your artwork and also the orange color. I'm thinking to contribute to your contest.

Best regards,

Patrick said...

Sorry, i wanted to write "warm", nor "war"

Anonymous said...

I too, love orange. I have done some abstract digital art myself. No website yet. I would love to create a piece in orange for this contest. I'm not sure what input I could give you. I'm new to this blogging thing. Love your work.

manekineko said...

Juried contests are cheesy, remove the "contest" part and you may have a good thing here.