Wednesday, October 17

Followup of O'Range Is Hot!

TBeen a while since I published the news, but unfortunately I still haven't received enough of entries to get things started. I'm like a fish out of water when it comes to PR, so I owe you guys an apology. For those guys who thinks juried contests are cheesy and this whole idea is a marketing gimmick, I'm gonna do things in a different approach: submit your best orange piece of work then I will showcase it for ya! Please submit it in low res jpeg (72 dpi), with 400 pixels wide and height less than 640 pixels, including the title, a brief description about your work or yourself and links to your websites. If this plan B sounds fair enough for you, well, go hit me with an email! BTW, since I can't handle with all the submissions, I might have to choose the works closer based on my personal tastes.

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