Thursday, October 18

The Tale of Baby No.59's Life and Adventure

Energetic Baby No.59I rarely analyze my works or deliver lecture on my blog (yup that sounds odd!) for I always imagine that explanation could lessen the strength of a work, kind of like one imagines he has mastered Shakespeare after reading Samuel Johnson's marvelous critiques, but thanks to Josh Spear (name of the blog and the modertor), who kindly showcase Energetic Baby No.59 and says that "it looks like this stone this sweetheart of a guy randomly gave me once (sappy, I know), or maybe it’s the retro 60’s plywood furniture feel it has to it," it draws more attentions than it should have.

This work was done and finished when I was having this nagging depression thing, consequently, even though it still got the basic palette of Energetic Baby series, the hue had been darken a bit and the "strategies" which I refer to as "silent media" were emphasized more directly and intensely. For me, structure (i.e., composition) plays the most important rule of how an abstract stands or falls, whether it tends to diverge or converge, especially when you employ only basic elements to communicate, create or deconstruct: it is either the predominant object or the indicator that directs the motion of eyesight 1. As you see in the thumbnail, there are 3 lines that separate the image, the main indicator is certainly the black inclined gap splitting the image. On the top and bottom the graphics appear as heavy blocks collapsing towards one anther, but the inclination of divergence is reinforced again through the similarity of these separated twin.

What I break down above is just one strategy for this work. Like Karen Walker in Will & Grace said: a magician, like a prostitute, never reveals her secrets. ;) Well, I'm no magician and I would love to share more personal study and experience if I need to.


1 Of course those words are completely my personal viewpoint and theory, which may seem incomprehensible & amateurish for art academics & professional artists.

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