Saturday, October 6

Like A Virgin, Like A Dad...

Energetic Baby No.4 by Ian Yang, aka mitrm, 2007One of my entries, Energetic Baby No.4

A couple of days ago I finally sent my entry to the organization of a visual art contest -- my very first competition since I started learning digital graphic design. It's a baby step, and I'm as excited as a kid and anxious as a father (how hilarious that I submitted 3 pieces of my ENERGETIC BABY =D). The thrill of this enormous expectation is really killing me, and will keep killing me til October 25th when the final 20 is officially announced.

Like a normal parent looking forward to his first born child and managing to make his baby room as comfy and pinkish as possible, I have bought some frames from IKEA -- they call it CLIP, it's more like a big piece of glass with a board and you have those tiny pins attached on the rims -- and will have my prints got ready in a couple of days. This time I will take a chance on DeviantArt, and I pray that they are capable of making my works as brilliant as possible. You will see some photos after I receive them, including some close-up shots. Wish me good luck. ;)

I didn't make it to the final 25. I guess it's because no one has wished me good luck, including my mom. ;)

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