Tuesday, March 13

Art-Spotting l 0Encrypted0

So what exactly is this guy who calls himself 0Encrypted0 doing?! I wonder whether half of the genes in his body originated from the universe or he has been kidnapped by aliens as some have in the X-Files. After taking the trip through his gallery from the first piece to the last, I somehow feel sort of suffocated 'cause 99% of my confidence has gone, vanished, extinguished!! So let us all face the music: this guy did have the lucky chance of being kidnapped by aliens once upon a time and he is generous enough to show us the views that cannot be found & approached anywhere on earth, except in his gallery, and his mind.

Artist: 0Encrypted0 l Profile
Residence: USA l Gallery
Must-See: 1 2 3
Note: Please do not reproduce artists' works without his/her permission.

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