Wednesday, March 14

Art.In.General: My Very First Bookmark Group

Hello guys. I put on an diigo group yesterday which I call as Art.In.General, a place that records my traces along the world of art. The following is a brief description:

This group is for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge about art & the related resources. Some interesting websites of designing companies or contemporary artists would be included as well.

Everyone is welcome, and the guidelines for all members are as follows:
1/ Proper tags & a brief comment for your bookmarks are crucial. It helps others to grab a quick idea of the content.
2/ Mind your p's and q's.
3/ Make sure you actually SHARE your bookmarks with members (public or private bookmarks.)
4/ Don't use this group merely for commercial purposes. NO PHISHING!!!

Diigo is a surprisingly useful tool that makes my digital life much easier. It doesn't take much tiime for you to get used to it 'cause its whole services all nicely designed and honestly I can't find antying negative to say about it. Anyway, the list in my group will only get longer and longer day by day, that's for sure. :O) As soon as I do find some quality websites, I will DIIGO it right away. Hopefully the idea of this group is considered interesting or practical by all of you. Enjoy!

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