Friday, March 30

Know A Bit More about Juxtapoz

2 days ago i posted a message on DeviantArt forum asking for further info about the magazine, 'cause I'm highly interested in subscribing it (even though I also want to subscribe National Geographic). The following are some chips of deviants' remarks:
  • I used to read the magazine a lot more. But now it seems like they cover the same artists over and over again. And the new artists they feature don't always interest me.
  • ...very versatile, however it all falls under the category of "lowbrow" art. That's a REALLY broad spectrum but i think you can see a correlation in all of it. So like i said, if you're into lowbrow stuff than its a great magazine.
  • an amazing mag but you have to be careful because more than often it has some stuff that's not worth paying for.
I value their opinions, it's good to know both the positive and negative ones, but before i make my first subscription, I will do more investigation of the stuff in their website, the reviews and galley of which is really refreshing and inspiring, read some examples below:

Grant Barnhart
Friday, 23 March 2007
Remember Tra Selthrow? Well, he's dropped the moniker and now goes with his given name, Grant Barnhart, which makes sense because his art has evolved significantly over the past year - bigger paintings, more detailing, narrative composition. He just launched a new art site,, with his latest works, and he's getting ready for his spot in a three-person show on April 14th at Tinlark Gallery in Hollywood. He's also got some new arty t-shirts available through his design website,

Madora Frey + Jean-Pierre Roy
Friday, 12 January 2007
Madora Frey and Jean-Pierre Roy are currently exhibiting together at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, WA through February 2nd. Madora's set, "The Calling", appears to be mainly wild little cupids and other mythical creatures doing naughty things near a pond, while Jean-Pierre's "Soletta" includes a lot of giant apocalyptic landscapes in vivid oil colors, and if the dimensions listed are correct, on relatively small canvases. Images from both sets are online at

For those artists who are desperate for more exposures, they have set up a gallery featuring reader art which you can submit your works and read visitors' comments. I have submitted my works 2 weeks ago, not so sure if my works are "lowbrow" enough in their standards, ha! ;)

And there is another thread talking about cool magazines on DA forum.

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