Thursday, March 22

The Dilemma of Abstracts

Would You Join the Dance No.5
Would You Join the Dance No.5,
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A question like "why doing abstracts?" does strike me from time to time. I guess in the beginning I thought it was easier to make something devoid of depth and restraint, then i realise it's simply ridiculous to let the softwares take the whole charge of my brain that makes me another tool or server of the apps themselves. I remember that Borges had said something about the difficulty of composing the free style peotry. Since the rhymed poems have the specific structure and rules, it is easier to make one 'cause you can always find the words that match with one another, on the other hand, it requires something more delicate and sophisticated to make a free style poem. But i just can't help but wonder: is it true that the beauty of abstracts (or art in general) is just a matter of taste, like the albums of Michael Jackson, you either love it, or hate it? Besides, the invention of camera, in my opinion, had dramatically taken place of realism and romanticism - the idea of ART for everyday people (not just artists) certainly has altered with time. The only way to survive, for art, is the endless attempts to break the tradition, but somehow rebuild the remains to give itself a new definition. has shared a bit of point of view with us about abstracts, What is Abstract Art and How Should We Look at It?, check it out 'cause we all need to get enlightened from time to time.

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