Friday, March 30

There's Something About Camera Obscura...

Ever since winamp has adopted media library and the delightful chance encounter I had with Camera Obscura, their songs have jumped up to the top of my most played list, right next to Belle and Sebastian. So glad that I actually found the vid of Teenager (from Underachievers Please Try Harder), my big big favorite of all, on youtube. It only lasts 3 minutes and 38 seconds, and that's good for such a lovely, sweet, and memorable tune that has kept spinning in my head for the last 9 months. The following is a brief bio from Merge Records:
Camera Obscura formed in Glasgow in 1996, releasing a slew of singles leading up to their debut CD Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi (2001, UK). The band slowly built up a loyal following in their native land, including the likes of legendary BBC DJ John Peel, who championed the band early on. Merge Records released Camera Obscura's U.S. debut, Under Achievers Please Try Harder in the winter of 2004. Indie pop fans across North America quickly became hooked on Camera Obscura's lovely, enchanting melodies and undeniable hooks. The band embarked on their first tour of the States in the Summer of 2004, and new fans were converted across the nation. Merge reissued Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi in the fall of 2004.... (more)
I'm no expert in criticizing music, so here come a couple of links where you can find more about the amazingly talented artists.

Official website - the site is well designed, really worth a visit l My Webjay Playlist - includes a few tracks from CO l Camera Obscura on l free media (from merge records) l News l Latest album - Let's Get Out of This Country l Personal faves - Eighties Fan, If Looks Could Kill, Keep It Clean

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