Saturday, March 24

Going Straight to the Lowest of the Low

Acouple of days ago, the host of said that among all the submissions of digital art he recieved so far, mine is the best he has ever seen. The submission is for review's sack actually, and I'm totally thrilled by his compliment 'cause not only i'm a regular visitor of his blog but I have great faith in his viewpoints about art. But a terrible news happened to me! I'm now in the lowest of the low in, a new online art community I just joined yesterday. See that thumbnail? I am ranked "1", yes, no doubt about it, as plain and simple and nice and clean as that. Now the only thought i have is delete that account right away 'cause the horrible fact is gonna haunt me for a long long time. I guess i was just doing some stupid things to embarrass myself. :D Anyway, in case you enjoy the competitive atmosphere a lot, go get an account, i'm sure you'll do much better than I.


bluedecker97 said...


this is a good blog. We are contacts in FLICKr and I admire your art including your abstracts. I like the music plugged in your page. I have done someething similiar at

Good day,


bluedecker97 said...

Hi Ian;

just wanted to share how much i love the site

Here is my new music blog: