Tuesday, March 6

My New Shop on Imagekind & ArtistRising

ArtistRising is just a branch of Art.com, of which I am now a new member with free accout. I just uploaded a couple of my Babes to my gallery, and after some time waiting for approval, finally I get to see what a real thing looks like:

Gotta say my papa & mama & my doggie must be so proud! LOL.. anyway, i just hope my hard work actually pays off though. BTW, this is link of my gallery at Sistino. ;)

I started using Imagekind to publish my works yesterday, and it did took me a while to get used to the interface. They have this lovely button for each member to put in their website:

Print & frame my art at Imagekind...

But what surprises me is that in just one day I have 4 fans already! I don't know why my works attract them, but well, thanks! Go check those nice artists' galleries, I am sure they won't let you down.

Eulif RobisonSusan Payne-TrutnaWilla SteinAlejandro Silveira

BTW, I also started workin' on a button for my deviantart shop, but I need to do some drafts on the paper and then pick one that looks best. Just wait and see; before that, take care guys!

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